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Charlotte Laptop Repair

Laptop Guruís Next Door is Charlotte's Most Professional Laptop Repair Specialists. Laptops aren't like other computers. Often they are much more complicated and complex than a normal desktop computer. Unlike normal computers whose parts are generally uniform, notebook computers can be vastly different. Don't put your computer in the hands of someone who is not trained and is not qualified to work on them. We work on dozens of laptops a month, and can handle almost any laptop repair with ease.

We offer a comprehensive set of laptop repair services in the vicinity of Charlotte. Whether you need your laptop LCD Screen repaired, or your power jack replaced, or a virus removed, or simple maintenance or upgrades Charlotte Laptop Repair specialistsí Next Door is always prepared for the job.

You'll find our services to be very competitive. Over 82% of our laptop repairs are completed in one hour or less. Not only is our Charlotte Laptop Repair Service very reasonably priced, but it's also completely guaranteed.

Virus, Spyware and Trojan Horse Removal

Computer viruses and spyware are running rampant and either one take over and/ or damage a computer operating system without the user's consent or knowledge. Charlotte Laptop Repair provides a flat rate service fee to clean and remove all viruses and spyware, restore Windows operating system, install security updates and improve the speed of your laptop.

Speed Enhancement

Always tired of waiting what seems like forever for programs to open and files to open and save? If your laptop has really slowed down, you can get it back up to full speed with Charlotte Laptop Repair's special Windows Service Package. Call us for details, or bring your laptop in for a FAST diagnosis and FREE estimate!

Firewalls / Internet Security

Instead of leaving your laptop vulnerable to viruses, spyware and hackers, unprotected internet connections can compromise the privacy of your data as well provide opportunities for family members to connect to any site, even unwanted ones. Contact Charlotte Laptop Repair for a security evaluation, and let us install and configure the hardware and software items that will protect your laptop and your data.

Software Installation, Configuration or Removal

Installing new software programs on your laptop, or removing unneeded & unwanted programs those were included in the software "bundle" that was on the laptop when you bought it? Call Charlotte Laptop Repair for software set up and configuration that is personalized for YOU. Call us for details, or bring your laptop in for a FAST diagnosis and FREE estimate!

Memory Upgrade

Upgrading your laptop's memory is one of the quickest, most efficient and most cost-effective ways to boost performance. Memory upgrades will provide smoother multi-tasking, faster web surfing, enhanced printing, more efficient networking and more. Call us for details.

Data Recovery and Backup

Do you need a backup of your data to move to your new computer, or want a back up just for safekeeping? Charlotte Laptop Repair will back up all your important documents, photos, music and more to CD or DVD media.

Networking - Wireless or Wired

Home and office computers systems and laptops offer more power and flexibility when they are networked together. Call Charlotte Laptop Repair and we will get your computer, laptop, and related devices "talking" to each other, with either wired connections or wireless devices!

Windows Reload

Charlotte Laptop Repair reload Windows, restore system drivers and install security updates, all for one flat rate fee. Call us for details, or bring your laptop in for a FAST diagnosis and FREE estimate.



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