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Welcome to Lake Norman Computer Repair

Do you need to reformat you hard disk drives?

Do you want to install the latest software for your personal or business use?

Do you have an outdated computer and want to upgrade your hardware?

If you’re having trouble with your home computer, your internet connection, printer, PDA, or other computer or electronic device, Lake Norman Computer Repair will be there to fix them! We can send a trained, certified technicians to your home today or tomorrow depending on your location. We provide support for many common computer problems.

Our services offered:

  • Laptop Repair
  • Desktop / PC Repair
  • Virus Removal / Antivirus Installation
  • Computer Restore
  • Software and Hardware Repair
  • Computer Upgrades
  • Computer Reformatting

We also offer partitioning for both laptop and desktop. With Lake Norman Computer repair, rest assured your computer problems will be fix in no time!

Do you have problems with your us!


Computer Repair / Upgrade

We provide an end-to-end solution to support your hardware, software, and systems. Services include hardware maintenance & support, remote area support and more.

Data Recovery

Hard drive crashed? Use Lake Norman Computer repair’s affordable data recovery service! We can restore critical information from hard drives that have suffered accidental formatting, deletion, severe crashes, equipment malfunction, software corruption, computer viruses, natural disasters, power surges and outages.

Virus Alert!

Have a feeling you’re being watched? Spyware has become a big problem and one that isn’t easy to deal with. Our spyware removal are ready to hunt down these pesky intruders and eliminate them!

Lake Norman computer repair has been in business many years we offer many services that can be found on the left hand side bar. Lake Norman computer repair is located in Lake Norman , NC. All our technicians have many years of work experience and know that we can solve your problem and repair your computer in Lake Norman , NC.

With many years of experience and many years of leaving clients homes and businesses with them having a smile on their face there's no reason why Lake Norman computer repairs should not be considered the best computer repairs company in Lake Norman , NC.

Lake Norman computer repair services many businesses and even Households with simple everyday computer, PC, laptop problems or issues that are usually resolved within minutes. Lake Norman computer repair is really the best computer repairs service in Lake Norman North Carolina.

Our company even offers 24 hour emergency computer repair services in Lake Norman , NC. Sometimes our clients really get caught in a bad situation and need our help. Well you are in luck because we offer twenty four hour Lake Norman , NC computer repair service.

Lake Norman computer repairs offers many different options and choice when it comes to upgrading and or removing software from your computers or laptops. Please make sure to call Lake Norman computer repair for all your networking, upgrading, virus protection services needed.

Lake Norman Computer Repair has hundreds of clients in Lake Norman , NC and keeps these clients by being the best. We are professional, courteous and highly knowledgeable in all aspects of our field.

If you need a free estimate on your computer repair services then that's not a problem Lake Norman computer repairs will be able to provide you with a free estimate and can even fix your problem right away if needed.

Other specialties available to you are: IT outsourcing, technical recruitment, programming, security protection, research, search computer for lost data, data protection, and training. Call and contact Lake Norman NC Computer Repair on site support today for the fastest, quality computer services in Lake Norman .

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